A Super-Confident You, Today? Here’s The Biggest & Most Powerful Step Forward You’ll Make This Year….

“How To Become Unstoppably Self-Confident, Using Just 5 Minutes Every Day, for 30 Days. Even If You’ve Never Felt Confident In Your Life… Guaranteed!”

WITHOUT… Struggling through complex programmes, “working on yourself”, reading self-help books, hiring expensive coaches and consultants or spending months on frustrating courses, techniques and strategies that just don’t work!

Dear Friend,

In a nutshell, the 5 Minute Guerilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence is a super powerful system you can immediately put to work in order to become assertive, overcome lifelong feelings of shame and forever banish self-sabotage and fears for a better professional and personal life.


  • It doesn’t matter if you have tried and failed in the past
  • You don’t need a lot of time and effort
  • The scripts make it all effortless.

A Lack Of Confidence Costs You Dearly…

…in lost opportunities, lost relationships, time lost to situations you could have handled better, and entire lives lost to the misery of always being undervalued, mistreated, stepped all over and ignored.

If you’ve ever…

  • been miserable and lonely at a party,  but felt too embarrassed to speak to anyone
  • felt too timid to stand up to an inconsiderate colleague,
  • had to put up with ungrateful and demanding relatives, but felt too intimidated to say "enough!"
  • been frustrated by being constantly interrupted or completely ignored but felt powerless to do anything about it,
  • been frustrated by being constantly interrupted or completely ignored but felt powerless to do anything about it,
  • watched with helpless dismay as someone else took credit for all your hard work,
  • felt too timid to speak up at a meeting,
  • constantly apologise to others, even when they are in the wrong,
  • left yet another confrontation with a nuisance neighbour feeling short-changed,
  • been brow-beaten into doing yet another favour for a friend who never has time for you,
  • failed a job interview, not because you were not up to the job, but because you were too nervous,
  • under-charged a client because you were too afraid to charge what a job really was worth,
  • regretted not approaching someone you liked because you felt terrified,
  • been baffled by your fear of upsetting people who had no qualms stepping all over your feelings,
  • been angry at people who did not respect your feelings, your efforts or your time,
  • felt shamed,
  • been frustrated at your compulsion to constantly please other people...

…you need help, fast.

First though, let’s start with a simple FACT:

Most Advice Out There On Building Your Self



Conventional solutions you’ve probably tried and failed with WASTE YOUR TIME.

Most are written by ‘gurus’ who just want your money and only contain fluff and recycled information you’ve heard a million times before.

Here’s The Advice You’ll Probably Get 

From So-Called “Gurus”….

  • Do some kind of physical make-over (your wardrobe, your looks, etc)
  • Lose weight
  • “Fake it till you make it”
  • Work on” your self-esteem
  • Find your inner child…

This Sounds Good, But…

…if you’ve ever tried them then you’ll know that these solutions:

  • are all theory-based, offering no practical solutions,
  • often involve steps that are so boring you never stick to them, or
  • only lead to massive information overload and exhaustion.

If you’re anything like me, the problems above have cost you a lot of effort, time and money with very little to show for it.

And The WORST THING About That Kind Of “Advice”…

These “solutions” get most people so busy with “working on themselves,” or “working through steps” or a “programme” that they get distracted and never get round to any practical and powerful confidence-building action that would lead to REAL, IMMEDIATE AND LASTING change.

That’s Exactly Why I Decided I Must Solve This 

Problem Once And For All!

I set out on a mission to gather the best advice out there from people who’ve actually made the transformation from being self-critical, insecure and door-mat types to individuals brimming with the kind of confidence that transforms lives forever.

The solution is simple.

You will think differently

Focus on practical and powerful confidence-building action. By doing this, you immediately have the ability to:

  • Feel good about yourself because you've finally been able to speak out at meetings
  • Able to deal with a difficult neighbour by being able to defend yourself in a confrontation
  • No longer feel small and ashamed and able to stand up for yourself
  • Create your own happiness by negotiating better relationships
  • Achieve financial freedom by negotiate better fees, hours and business terms
  • Be heard and be able to get your ideas across
  • Be the life of the party and have a good time talking to all types of people and thoroughly enjoying yourself
  • Feel able to respect and honour yourself by overcoming childhood shame programming
  • Win the girl/guy
  • Finally getting your dream job by having the confidence to ace that interview
  • Improve your finances by having the guts to chase and get that sale
  • Have a better life by being able to successfully confront, frenemies, and stand up to toxic workmates
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes from being more assertive, without being unpleasant or unnecessarily aggressive
  • The thrill of being able to ask for and get that raise
  • Feel the freedom that comes from being able to stand up to bullies and put them in their place
  • Feel the happiness for being able to demand more from life and get what you rightfully deserve
  • Have peace of mind by banishing self-sabotaging thoughts and fears and no longer second-guessing yourself

And here it all is in one SHORT document.

I’ve kept it simple. Instead of messy files in different formats cluttering up your hard drive, I put everything into one single PDF.

Perfect to save you bags of time right now and for months and years to come!

In Short, I’ve Done The Work So You Don’t Have To!


Effortless scripts that automatically change your reactions, responses and behaviour, creating an amazingly confident you.

These quick hacks run continuously in you mind, automatically changing the way you respond to situations, with PRACTICALLY  NO EFFORT ON YOUR PART.

You will ACT different

Sounds Great, But What Do I Actually Get In The 5 Minute Guerrilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence?

Here’s a just a small taster of some of the gems you’ll discover inside:

Section One – Ten Fast 5 Minute Hacks to Quickly Transform Your Thinking For Confidence. Including:

  • Banish fear of judgment and criticism
  • Banish shame forever denying anyone that ability to make you feel bad about yourself
  • Use powerful reframing scripts to create instant confidence and better tackle intimidating situations
  • Get rid your mental parasites, for good! Never berate yourself again.
  • Becoming bold; get that sale, ace that interview, and take charge of your life

Section Two – 15 Confidence Habits You Can Adopt RIGHT NOW, Including:

  • Sort out frenemies, bad co-workers and other toxic types once and for all
  • Saying NO to unrealistic and thankless demands on your precious time
  • Deal with unrealistic expectations
  • Banishing people pleasing forever; never have to feel resentful about pleasing unpleasant types
  • Get to your authentic self; trust your unfailing intuition and judgment

Section Three – 5 ESSENTIAL Things To Do Before An Interview, Meeting Or Confrontation.

  • The Secret of the Power Preview - how to get the interview/meeting/confrontation to go EXACTLY as you want
  • Get to YES - Create Your Winning Persona
  • Powerful scripts and hacks that actually work, immediately

BONUS SECTION: The Confidence Mindset – Creating An Unshakeable You.

  • The Amazing Power of Personal Congruence, and how YOU can harness it!

That’s great but at this stage you might be wondering…

Is The 5 Minute Guerrilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence For You?

The 5 Minute Guerilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence is for you if you are serious about ACHIEVING IMMEDIATE AND LASTING CHANGE AND one or more of the following categories applies to you:

  • Struggled Previously With Poor Advice About Becoming Confident
  • Feel that you are missing the vital ingredient in order to finally become confident
  • Are Short On Time
  • Are Short On Money
  • Needs Something That Works Immediately
  • Are FED UP of the way things are
  • Have Tried Other "Systems" But Failed
  • Need something that will get you RESULTS
  • Need something that Works Immediately
  • Want Lasting Change

The 5 Minute Guerrilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence is NOT suitable for:

  • Those looking for feel-good fluff that creates no lasting change.

If that’s you, I wish you well but please don’t invest in The 5 Minute Guerilla Confidence System because it won’t help you and neither can I.


Q: Why don’t I just buy a book to learn this?

A: The problem with books is that they are full of long winded theory. Rather than teaching you a step by step system that works they tend to “bulk out” the book with fluff and “feel good” stories that in the end, are not at all practical and do not help you solve your problem.

Q: Do I need any special or technical skills?

A: Not at all.  All you need do is spend just 5 minutes on each confidence hack, which will begin to effortlessly and automatically change your reactions, responses and behaviour towards a more confident self. You’ll literally find yourself thinking differently after reading the hacks.

Q: How is this different to other confidence building  courses/programs?

A: Most confidence building courses focus on the theory you must have. Whilst this is important as a first step, it’s really only the tip of the iceberg. What The 5 Minute Guerilla Confidence System focuses on is easy to implement, step-by-step hacks that get results fast.  These quick hacks run continously in your mind, automatically changing the way you respond to situations, practically with no effort on your part.

Q: Will this work for me?

A: Don’t take my word for it…why don’t you try it and see? The product comes with a 30 day no quibbles guarantee.  If you don’t feel the system was useful, you get all your money back, no hassle.

Q: What if I don’t see amazing results?

A: I’m extremely confident that this will work for you. But if you any reason you don’t see fantastic results then you get all your money back.

Q: How fast will I see results?

A: I started to feel different immediately I began putting these into use.  I expect it will be the same for you, with a real transformation in 30 days. However, this is all up to you! As with anything the quicker you get started the faster you’ll see results.  You will start to think differently. On the other hand the more you procrastinate then the longer it’ll take.

Q: What if the timing’s not good for me? I’m too busy!

A: The short answer is no problem and you can go as fast or as slow as you like. All I ask is that you literally find 5 minutes a day, everyday for just 30 days. Then if you wish you can revisit the material at your leisure at any time that suits you.

Q: What if I have questions or get stuck?

A: No problem! Just send an email to our direct support address gdhonline.com. We answer 90% of queries within 24 hours Monday to Friday but it can occasionally take 48 hours during busy periods.

You will feel different

Quick. Simple. Effective

Each script will take you just 5 MINUTES.


Just Imagine Becoming Unstoppably Self-Confident, WITHOUT
ever having to struggle through complex programmes, “working on yourself,” hiring expensive coaches or spending months on frustrating courses, techniques and strategies EVER AGAIN…

How would it change your life?

  • What have you always wanted to do but never dared?
  • What kind of life would a super confident you have?
  • Would you find your dream job?
  • Would you find more time for the people you truly like being around?
  • Would you get better clients?
  • Would you take an extra vacation?
  • Imagine waking up feeling good about yourself every single moment.

You will be different


We get stuck right in straight away, 5 minutes at a time to a braver, bolder and confident you!

Now, at this stage…

I bet you’re wondering, “How much?”

First, let’s recap what you’re getting:

  • 10 Five-Minute Scripts and Hacks to Transform Your Thinking For Confidence
  • 15 Confidence Habits You Will Adopt RIGHT NOW
  • Knock 'em Dead: 5 ESSENTIAL Things To Do Before An Interview, Meeting or Confrontation To Make Things Go Exactly As You Want
  • BONUS SECTION: How To Harness The Amazing Power Of Personal Congruence For An Unstoppable You

Most coaching sessions would last months and cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

PLUS… By acting today you get practical tips, tools and techniques that actually work immediately.

Realistically, That’s Easily A Total Combined Value Of  Over $$$$! 

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that.

Although some might call me crazy I’ve made a firm decision to give you full access to the entire 5 Minute Guerrilla Confidence System today for a fraction of its real world value.

Why is the price so ridiculously low?

Excellent question and here’s the simple answer…

I’m sick of the poor quality info in the market and want to do something about it.

I want to do everything I can to massively overdeliver with tremendous value.

However, I know that right now you might be a little skeptical and feel this all looks too good to be true.

I get that, I really do, not least because I know from personal experience what it’s like to be pitched “shiny objects” that promise amazing results but turn out to be spectacularly bad and dismal failures.

Therefore, I want to make sure you have complete peace of mind by removing all of the risk!

So, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied then your purchase is backed by this:

30 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked
“Cannot Lose” Guarantee

Download NOW And Risk $0.00

If, at any time during the first 30 days, you aren’t thrilled with The 5 Minute Guerrilla Confidence System just send a quick message to our friendly support desk – and you’ll receive rapid, courteous and FULL refund.

This ROCK SOLID cast iron guarantee means you have complete peace of mind and have absolutely nothing to lose by acting right now.

Remember, you won’t believe your eyes when you learn about one powerful strategy after another inside!

You are only seconds away from securing your copy.

Act now before this changes!


Right Now, You Have Just 2 Options

Option 1: Close this page and carry on with your day.

Watch others transform their lives while you keep on going with picking up tips from around the web.

A product here, an article there, a video somewhere else…

Yet another coaching programme..


As you know for most people this results in more wasted time, money, a lot of frustration and perhaps most importantly a huge delay in reaching their life changing aspirations.

But perhaps you are different?


Option 2: Be smart, grab The 5 Minute Guerilla Confidence System for yourself and start GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE TODAY.

As you know, one of the common characteristics of the most successful people is that they learn, borrow and adapt from the experience and knowledge of others.

Why reinvent the wheel or blaze a brand new trail into the unknown when you can simply deploy the same tactics that have been PROVEN to work by others?

Let’s be brutally honest – your current strategies have got you precisely to the stage you’re at right now.

If you’re happy with that then great, I wish you well.

But if you’re not then remember you’ve got to make a change and seize opportunities when they arise.

If a map to your destination already exists, wouldn’t you just grab it and use it?

Ultimately, it’s up to YOU to decide how quickly you want to achieve your new, confident you.


Click the button below now to grab instant access to the fast track option:


To Your Success!

P.S. Remember you are risking exactly $0.00 (ZERO!) by giving The 5 Minute Guerilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence a go right now! This is literally 100% risk-free for 30 Days – if you are not completely satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all) simply contact our support and you’ll receive every penny back into your account within a matter of hours!

P.P.S. If you have any questions please click the Support link below.

It’s up to you now:


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