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Sign on to automatically and easily generate your hoplinks for any listed product for a generous 75% commission.

Registering will also enable you to direct traffic to your own sales page, if you wish.

Existing affiliates can log in at:

Product: "5 Minute Guerrilla Confidence System: 30 Quick and Painless Hacks To Unshakeable Confidence"

“How To Become Unstoppably Self-Confident, Using Just 5 Minutes Every Day, for 30 Days. Even If You’ve Never Felt Confident In Your Life… Guaranteed!”

WITHOUT… Struggling through complex programmes, “working on yourself”, reading self-help books, hiring expensive coaches and consultants or spending months on frustrating courses, techniques and strategies that just don’t work!

Product: "Younger-Looking Skin From Common Kitchen Ingredients"

Natural beauty is one of the hottest new niches at the moment. More and more women are turning away from Big Industry products that are increasing seen as toxic and ineffective. Now is the time to cash in on this lucrative market.  This ebook combines three popular niches; “how to,” “beauty,” and “natural products.” All this makes for a popular, high conversion product!

Product: "The Struggling Entrepreneur's Guide To A Killer Product Idea"

“In under one hour, learn how to come up with a blockbuster idea for a product or service for your business.” $10 discount coupon to a fact-filled no-nonsense Udemy course. Sales page with video.

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Product: "Become Extraordinary: The Michelangelo Effect"

Motivational material within the Self-Help niche are some of the best converting products online. This product is a digital download in three popular formats, to cater to the widest possible customer base.

Product: "The Eternal Dreamer"

The New Age scene is one of the hottest new niches on the market, and is crying out for products. In particular, there is very little in the way of attractive, high-quality material for children in this nice. There is a great need for exactly this kind of product. This ebook combines three popular niches; “children’s stories,” “alternative,” and “New Age” All this makes for a popular, high conversion product!

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If you have any questions about banners, images, custom pages… Whatever you need, just let us know.

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How to get started as an affiliate on Clickbank:

Sign Up with Clickbank:

If you don’t have a clickbank ID, sign up here! It takes about 1 minute and it’s FREE.  Once you have a clickbank ID, send your traffic to:

Replace “affID” in the link above with YOUR ClickBank username and get paid on every sale you make!

Understanding the Affiliate Link Format:
where: “affID” = your affiliate ID or nickname
“xx” = is the product ID/number that your affiliate is promoting. You will find this on the specific product affiliate page from the links above.
“tid” = Optional. This is the tracking ID for Clickbank affiliates. Max=8 char. See below for more information.

Remember, you can quickly and automatically generate your hoplink from your Clickbank ID by registering at:

If you want to track conversions (and we strongly recommend you do) here’s how:

Clickbank’s Integrated Sales Reporting (ISR) is a feature that allows you to track successful ClickBank orders.  This will allow you to analyze the sales process clearly illustrating where customers drop out, what traffic sources are leading to sales, and more information about Clickbank’s Integrated Sales Reporting (ISR) can be found here.

The Small Print

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER – Any estimates of how much affiliates can make by promoting this product is just that- an estimate and not a guarantee.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY – We will not tolerate affiliates who promote our product through illegal or unethical techniques. If you do so, ClickBank may terminate your affiliate account, and you will not be allowed to promote our product.